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Have You Been Fired? 

Learn About Your Rights After a Job Termination


Visit YouTube and search for 10 Sins of Employment Termination and

Top 10 Mistakes in Wrongful-Termination-EEOC cases


Did you know that an employer does not have to give you the reason for firing you?

Search for "Service Letter Law" in your state. 

In MO, an employee who is terminated must be paid

all of their wages, immediately at the time of termination or can suffer penalties.

Search for "Mo. Rev. Stat.§ 290.110" for more information.


Many states have laws that dictate when the employer must give an employee their final

paycheck when terminated. Search your state, to find out when you are to be paid, if terminated.


    Have you ever wondered what an employer is saying about you when they are contacted for a job reference? 

Visit  and also search for "job reference checking service."


Want To Start A Home Business

Visit YouTube and search for the following:

Why You Need a Home Based Business and How to Start! with Dr. Lynn Richardson


Visit and get The Entrepreneur Game



Stop Telemarketers from calling your phone!



Search for the following:

FDCPA-Fair Collections Practices Act-Deals with bill collectors

FCRA-Fair Credit Reporting Act-Deals with Your Credit Bureau report

TCPA-Telephone Collections Practices Act-Deals with Collectors calling your cell phone


What Lies In Your Debt? It Pays To Know!

Visit *


Do you have bill collectors contacting you?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is a U.S. government agency which has lots of

information that makes sure banks, lenders, and other financial companies treat you fairly.

Visit and click on Consumer Education, then Tools and Resources

to Use With the People You Serve, then scroll down to Debt Collections, and

here you will find 5-Sample Letters to write.

Visit and has lots

of information on these sites about the debts and creditors.


What Lies In Your Debt   Visit * here they have Episodes, of archives

regarding credit reports, debt collectors, unwanted calls, credit card debt, and how to stop foreclosures.

Don't get mad, get PAID!




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