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Have you been fired? Learn about your Rights After a Job Termination:  Did you know that an employer

does not have to give you the reason for firing you? Search for "Service Letter Law" in your state.


Go to YouTube and search for 10 Sins of Employment Termination and Top 10

Mistakes in Wrongful-Termination-EEOC cases

Have you ever wondered what an employer is saying about you when they are contacted for a job

reference? Search for "job reference checking service." Visit

Search for Meal and Rest Breaks in your State


Tips, Tip Pooling, and Tip Credits: What Service Employees Need to Know



Attention Servers: Info about Side Work and Tips

* Visit


Go to YouTube and search for the following:

Why You Need a Home Based Business and How to Start! with Dr. Lynn Richardson


Visit and get The Entrepreneur Game



Visit and see open, pending, and closed class action lawsuits.


Visit and check your State to see if you

have lost money, assets, cash, property, etc....


What Lies In Your Debt Visit they have Live Episodes, with

Open Discussions and Q&A and archives regarding credit reports, debt collectors, unwanted

calls, credit card debt, and how to stop foreclosures.


Search for the following:

FDCPA-Fair Collections Practices Act-Deals with bill collectors

FCRA-Fair Credit Reporting Act-Deals with Your Credit Bureau report

TCPA-Telephone Collections Practices Act-Deals with Collectors calling your cell phone


Do you have bill collectors contacting you? There are actually 4 and not 3-credit reports to look

for consumer violations: Innovis, Equifax, Experian and Trans-Union.


Visit  Notice: It will ask, if you want all 3. If you say yes, then it will merge

them all together as 1. Say no, and you will receive the 3-reports separately, and then you can then tell

which reporting agency received what. After printing the 1 report, it will ask if you want to go back, as this

will allow you to bring up the other reports to view.


What should you do when a debt collector contacts you?  Visit and click on

Consumer Education. Here they have lots of information and click on Debt Collections, then "You do not

owe the debt or want proof of the debt" and to find 5-Sample Letters to write.



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