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1.  Affidavit of Walker Todd

2.  Sensitization Illegal (Jean Keating)

3.  How I fought my Property Tax Foreclosure Case ( By Mac Harry Fisherman)

4.  Cracking the Code 3rd Edition

5. The Clerks Praxis (By John Hall)

********The Rules to the Game********

1.  There is no Money

2.  Public and Private do not Mix

3.  Stay in honor at all cost!

4. Stay out of the Courts!

Be A Study Of   That Which You Are Doing


Visit for lots of information with breaking and top story news, and videos.

Visit and read Randy's Criminal Complaint Against Texas Governor-Greg

Abbott and look to the left and click on the Archives and the Radio to listen to the weekly podcasts.

Visit to learn the Statues by State.

Visit They have various topics, and you can listen to the archives.


Below is a site that offers over 6,000 free legal documents just by creating an account

Visit and * and


Black's Law Dictionary (2nd Edition) is free to use online for your legal dictionary needs.

Visit The Black's Law Dictionary is America's most trusted law dictionary. 


A Black's Law Dictionary from the (5th Edition) onward has stripped out Common Law and

only gives court policy.


The Black's Law (4th Edition) and earlier versions have the Common Law in them.


The following are books which you can buy new, used, rent or check out at the library.

Purchase at or or

1.    Motion For Justice-I Rest My Case, by Brian Vukadinovich. Everyone must read his story! ! !



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