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Visit YouTube * How Often Should I Check My Credit Report?


Visit  * There are actually 3-National Credit Reporting Agency’s-Equifax,

Experian and Trans-Union. It will ask, if you want all 3. If you say yes, then it will merge them all

together as 1. Say no, and you will receive the 3-reports separately, and then you can then tell which

reporting agency received what. After printing the 1 report, it will ask if you want to go back, as this will

allow you to bring up the other reports to view.


There are also, specialty consumer reporting agencies, that many do not know these reports

exist unless you run into a problem, such as not getting a job, lease, insurance, or checking

account, or when a utility or cell phone company asks you to put down a deposit before

starting service with you.  The specialty consumer reporting companies collect and share

information about your employment history, transaction history with a business or repayment

history for a specific product or service.


All do offer a Free report, every 12 months if you request it and some provide a one free

Freeze for your report and some provide a free score if requested.Visit *

just to see how many there are. WOW!!!



Visit YouTube Where Do Billionaires Hide Their Money? and

Collapse of the Dollar 2024 and

Farrakhan Exposes the New World Order Agenda and

“Louis Farrakhan Exposes Rothschild Bankers (1995)” and

The Conspiracy Of The International Bankers



Do you need a recorder? Do a search for "keychain recorder" and

“audio video recording glasses” and “camara glasses”

Do you want your life to become more private!!! 

Visit  that will allow you to opt out *

If the opt out page is not available, then click on the website and search for opt out.


Have you had your computer hacked and/or emails compromised? 

Visit  that can gather, preserve and analyze evidence from digital

devices, to include your Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, in such a way that it is

suitable for presentation in a court of law.


Visit  *

and click on Security

Visit YouTube * My Phone: A Privacy Expert Doesn’t Like What She Finds and * Big Data

Knows ALL About You and * Getting MULTIPLE PRIVATE Phone Numbers and

* How Do Scammers Take Over Your Phone And Steal Your Money? - Part ½



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