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Representing Yourself in a Family Law Case



Get into the fight! Remember those in prison Visit


National Center on Elder Abuse-State Resources and Elder Rights



Visit your State Attorney General's office and search Landlord-Tenant Rights & Responsibilities


* Don’t have a Will or a Living Trust, consider this instead.

Avoiding Probate with Transfer-on-Death Accounts and Registrations

Leave property without probate using payable-on-death accounts, registrations, and deeds.


18 Things You Think Are Illegal But Aren't


Visit and learn What To Do If   You Are Stopped by the Police and

your rights as it relates to other issues, and

Visit to learn what to do if

you are detained for taking photographs.




Are you in need of car repairs or thinking about getting another vehicle? 


* Search for “North Carolina Consumers Counsel” and look to the right and

click on their website from there. Then click on Resources, then Latest News and Alerts and

look for Feb. 28 about “if-your-mechanic-tells-you-these-things-look-for another”

This site has lots of information that will make you go, humm


Go to YouTube and search for the following:

Top 8 Common Car Repair Shop Scams and

Do Not Buy Cars At Dealerships Without Doing 6 Things First and

11 Fake Fees: Do Not Pay At Car Dealerships and

Don't Say "I'm Paying Cash!" At Car Dealerships and

* Scotty Kilmer-who has lots of info. about cars


Have you had your vehicle illegally repossessed by a Title Loan company?

Search in your state for the Division of  Finance, who regulates the Payday and Title Loan

companies to see if they are in compliance.


Covid-19 vaccine trials and the ethics of  deliberately infecting volunteers with the virus here:



Visit A Resource For The People. The recent posts include articles about

vaccinations, voting fraud, marriage license, American slavery defined, and more...



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