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Visit  to learn about articles and case law


Visit the #1 Free Legal Website


Visit has 30,000+ lessons. Explore the library of thousands of lessons in all

major subjects and master any subject. Search for attorneys, judges, courts, justice, law, judicial,

legal, legal education, common law, law enforcement, debt collection, civil rights, employment,

discrimination, privileges, and more...

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* Visit  and click on Resources and then Podcasts.

Also search for "whitepapers" for trial tips to learn and improve your skills in the courtroom.


Visit which is free to sign up for and provides free case law, codes,

regulations, and legal information for lawyers, businesses, students, and consumers worldwide.

Following is a site that has lots of info. and free videos on common law issues as it relates to

Employment and Race Discrimination and more... and

* Visit  


Visit for Frequently Asked Questions about Juries and Jury Nullification


Visit  and click on Legal Articles. Free Legal Information. Has law for all.

Get informed.


Tips For Success In The Courtroom




Visit many great video's Also visit


Visit  & the Pro Se way- lots of information about many different subjects.

Visit for lots of info. on different topics


Go to YouTube and search Bill Thornton Common Law and Karl Lentz Common Law



A great site that has "Civil Default Judgment package" samples



Post Judgment Remedies, Judgment Liens, Garnishments



Visit to collect on judgments, verify the net worth of individuals and

companies, or any other purposes.


Below is a site found with an essay, researched by a scholarly professor of law and law students,

Feb. 2007, titled and search for * "Why Summary Judgments is Unconstitutional"  It is 42-pages.


Do a search for "Declaratory Judgment" and "Injunctive Relief'



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