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Search the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Criminal

Procedure, Federal Rules of Appellate Procedures, and Federal Rules of Evidence.

(If you can read and comprehend this material, then you can gain the confidence needed to represent

yourself in all the court systems of the small claims, municipal, circuit, associates, family, probate, state,

federal, appeals, and supreme courts.)


Visit YouTube * The Federal Judge Benchbook. A Book Every Pro Se Should Have.  This is

free and addresses criminal and civil matters.  You will also learn the duties of the Judge and

what is required of them to comply as to the rules, policies and procedures of the courts and 

Visit  *


Is Legal Education Being Taught In The Schools Of Our Youth And If Not, Why Not?


What are your human rights? Find out at

There they have 30-videos that are 1 min. and 4-sec. or less to view


Do You Know What Holiday Is May 1st that was established in 1958?

It's Law Day

Have you ever had an attorney visit your school and

talk about the American Legal System?


Visit and search for History of Law Day and

 Visit * and

Visit *

The U.S. Federal Western District Courts Of Missouri

Offers The Following As It Relates To Education

Visit:  then click on General Information” then click “Educational

OutReach then search for more info. as it relates to the titles listed below.

Educational Tours

This free 2½ hour tour has been offered since 1992, to the 5th graders and up, college

students, senior citizens, or any group.


Constitution Day

Congress renamed the holiday “Citizenship Day.” A joint resolution passed in 1956 requested

the President to proclaim the week beginning September 17 and ending September 23 each

year as “Constitution Week.”  The addition of the amendment, known as Public Law 108-477,

requires all schools that receive federal funds to hold an educational program for their

students on September 17 of each year.


Credit Abuse Resistance Education Program (C.A.R.E.)

This Program is to educate the High School Juniors and Seniors about the hazards and pitfalls

of credit card use and abuse.


Courtroom To Community

Offers two programs as it relates to Civil, Criminal and Bankruptcy



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