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Visit for lots of info. on different topics


Go to YouTube and search Bill Thornton Common Law and Karl Lentz Common Law


Do you have an issue with a Gov. Agency and want to learn more about who they are,

 what they are and are not supposed to be doing? Search for that Gov. Agencies manual, online.



For Frequently Asked Questions about Juries and Jury Nullification Visit


Tricks and traps are used by attorneys, judges, and other species of rats concerning evidence. 




Visit many great video's Also visit


The Fraternity: Lawyers and Judges in Collusion by Justice John F. Molloy



* Visit to find lots of valuable information that includes topics such as

How to Fight Judicial Corruption – Know how Judges Commit Crimes and more…


* Law and Disorder provides timely legal perspectives on issues concerning civil liberties,

privacy, right to dissent and practices of torture exercised by the US government and

 private corporations.  Visit  and also search for Form SF 95.


* The Judicial Power: The Judicial Duty to Follow the Law or

a Discretionary Power of Judicial Review?



* Do a search for and a YouTube search for “How To Get A Bad Judge Off Your Case.” Go to YouTube

and search for "How to File a Lawsuit Against a Judge and Officers of the Court Without a Lawyer.”

* Visit


What are The 4 Secrets of the Legal Industry? Visit


Go to the Dept. of Justice at

Here you will find information about the introduction to the Fed. Court system and

Visit and also search Civil Legal Aid 101


* See The Federal Judge Bench Book which is a book that every Pro Se should have that is free

and addresses criminal and civil matters.  You will also learn the duties of the Judge and what is

required of them to be in compliance as to the rules, policies and procedures of the courts.



Request from the Fed. Courts or search in your state, the "Pro Se Manual or Handbook" packet of the

Rules, Policies and Procedures of the Courts and the Local Rules of your state.

They will ask if your are requesting a Title VII discrimination package or not.



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