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* and click below to sign up for a 7-day

free trial with Lexus/Nexus, to see what they have to offer.


There is no need for Lawyers, Attorneys, Mediation or Arbitration. Resolve any dispute or complaint.


Visit File any claim on-line, any amount, against anyone, any company, from

anywhere. PeopleClaim provides both free and low-cost online dispute resolution services and helps consumers, patients, employees, tenants, and anyone else, resolve disputes by exposing bad business and unfair treatment.


Visit  Search here before doing business with a company or filing a consumer

complaint.  If you do file a complaint at this site, when someone does a search for that company, your

complaint may appear, with-in the 1st page, depending on the search engine used and

it cannot be removed.


Inform the people, by writing a review, about a company that has provided a bad product or poor

service. Visit *

has a long list of many.  For consumer complaints, visit the websites of the Attorney General in your state

and the Federal Trades Commission at 


* Visit  http//  and Click on the Radio to listen to the 3-Live weekly podcasts and

you will be able to ask questions and read Randy's Criminal Complaint Against Texas Governor-Greg Abbott and

look to the left and click on the Radio Archives and be sure to look at the  Statues by State.


Only The People Can Save America and see NLA’s plan. Visit and

click on “Weekly Call” to Join the Live Monday Night Open Forum at 8PM CT and ask your questions.

Visit They have various topics, and you can listen to the past archives.


Visit   for lots of information with breaking and top story news, and videos.



Search for "The Constitution of the United States, Citizens Rule Book and The Bill of Rights"

This small Constitution of the US booklet is the one that controls all the books in a Law Library.

Do you have an issue with a Gov. Agency and want to learn more about who they are, and

 what they are and are not supposed to be doing? Search for that Gov. Agencies manual, online.


The Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that gives you the right to access information from the federal government. It is often described as the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government.

Do a search for "sample FOIA letter.”


Representing Yourself in Federal District Court offers A Handbook for Pro Se Litigants that has the

Rules, Policies and Procedures of the Courts. * Also, search for your State Judicial Branch of Government.

In Missouri Visit  Here you learn about the courts, court forms, jurors,

news & media, pending cases & decisions, rules and recourses.



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