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Rod Class is a Private Attorney General. Email him at

to inquire about the courses and weekly gatherings that he has to offer.


Following is a site that has lots of info. and free videos on common law issues as it relates to

Employment and Race Discrimination and more...Visit


Visit YouTube and search for * Appearing Pro Se: Testimony, Objections, and Evidence and

* Six Types Of Objections To Make Against A Motion For Summary Judgment

[includes real world examples] and do a search for Why Summary Judgments is Unconstitutional

and  Visit * Summary Judgment in Employment Discrimination Cases: A Judge's Perspective

If You’re A Pro Se Plaintiff, This Manual Is For You

Visit *

Get started and learn more about how to use legal resources for self-representations as a Pro Se.


Visit  and at the top, click on Blog, News and Podcast, for lots of info.



Visit *  Scroll down and watch the video:

The Masses Are Catching On “How to Win In The Commercial Legal System vs Fight”

Only you can pre-serve your rights.


Helping people find solutions to their legal problems. Visit

Search for your Secretary of State and request the States Constitution pamphlet, which will show the

updated laws and check with your State Attorney General's Office and the local Legal Aid office

to see if they have a "Know Your Rights" pamphlet to offer.


Search for the definition "Cause of Action"

Look for the cause of action(s), in relation to the claim(s) you want to make and

Visit * 

and  Visit YouTube and search for the following: * What’s a Cause of Action?-Legalese Translator Ep.2

and * Plaintiff Suing? See How To Identify The Cause Of Action, and Write Statement Of Claims




Do you have a negligence claim.  Visit YouTube and search for

* What Is The Difference Between Negligence And Negligence Per Se?

Search for a "Notice of Intent to Sue Sample Letter" and "Cease and Desist Sample Letter"  


What does it mean to Shepardize a Case?  Visit *

How to Shepardize a Case: 13 Steps (with Pictures)  and 



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