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Is the US President doing his job? Do a search for the "US President's Job Description.”


Take less than 20-minutes to visit the following 2-sites and learn how this nation was founded.

Go to YouTube and search for “The U.S. Capitol Tour with David Barton” and

“United States Capital Christian History Tour”


Learn information about the Alabama Supreme Court on Slaves.





Search for "The Constitution of the United States, Citizens Rule Book and The Bill of Rights" This

small Constitution of the US booklet is the one that controls all the books in a Law Library.


Contact your Secretary of State and request the States Constitution pamphlet, which will show the

updated laws. Check with your State Attorney General's Office or local Legal Aid office to see if

they have a "Know Your Rights" pamphlet.


The Legal Aid office in New York at  on their website has lots of

information. Click on "Get Help" and also search for "Know Your Rights."

Again, check with your local Legal Aid office, to see what they have to offer.


Take less than 25- min. Go to YouTube and search for the following:

5:54 Michael Badnarik Constitution Class-Bill of Rights 7:05 Michael Badnarik Constitution Class-

Executive Orders 9:50 Michael Badnarik's Constitution Class 9 of 43


Request from or search for the Fed. Courts in your state, the "Pro Se Manual or Handbook" packet of

the Rules, Policies and Procedures of the Courts and the Local Rules of your state.

They will ask if you are requesting a Title VII discrimination package or not.


If you need both, request both. Also, search online for the "Federal Rules of Evidence."

(If you can read and comprehend this material, then you can gain the confidence needed to

represent yourself in all the court systems of the small claims, municipal, circuit, associates,

family, probate, state, federal, appeals, and supreme courts.)


Also search the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and Federal Rules

of Appellate Procedures. Visit


Go to the Dept. of Justice at

Here you will find information about the introduction to the Fed. Court system and

Visit and also search Civil Legal Aid 101


Do you have an issue with a Gov. Agency and want to learn more about who they are, what they are and are

not supposed to be doing? Search for that Gov. Agencies manual, online. Also, visit


Go to YouTube and search for "Law 101: How a Lawsuit Works"



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