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Visit has 30,000+ lessons. Explore the library of thousands of lessons in all major

subjects and master any subject. Search for attorneys, judges, courts, justice, law, judicial, legal, legal

education, common law, law enforcement, debt collection, civil rights, employment, discrimination,

privileges, and more...




Free and Low Cost Resources for Legal Research: Help for Pro Se Litigants



Below is a site that offers over 6,000 free legal documents just by creating an account

Visit and and


Get Access to the Largest Online Library of Legal Forms for Any State. Subscribe Now! 

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Do a search for Google Scholar to learn about articles and case law.


Visit  and click on Legal Articles. Free Legal Information. Has law for all. Get informed.


Visit  for legal forms, topics, and research laws.

Visit  that offers free legal research and legal information.


Visit the #1 Free Legal Website


Visit and click on Resources and then Podcasts.

Also search for "whitepapers" for trial tips to learn and improve your skills in the courtroom.


Visit  which is free to sign up for and provides free case law, codes, regulations, and

legal information for lawyers, businesses, students, and consumers worldwide.


Black's Law Dictionary (2nd Edition) is free to use online for your legal dictionary needs.

Visit The Black's Law Dictionary is America's most trusted law dictionary. 


The  Black's Law Dictionary from the (5th Edition) onward has stripped out Common Law and

only gives court policy.


The Black's Law (4th Edition) and earlier versions have the Common Law in them.


The following are books which you can purchase new, used, or rent at or or or check out at the library.


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