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Remember How Far We Have Come

Now is the time to get informed!!!

In this booklet, you will:

  • Learn what we, our parents, grandparents, and those before them had to endure.

  • Learn what your voters, human, civil, and criminal rights are, as a people.

  • Learn about the laws that are written on an 8th-grade level.

It is news you can use, that will empower you. Now is the time to get informed!!!



In court, there are no 2-cases that are alike!!!

Maybe similar, but not the same.

If you ever need an attorney, you should know what to expect and demand from them.

Today, most attorneys charge $200.00-$300.00 per hr. or more, and some charge for the initial

consultation. What are you going to do if you can't afford a Lawyer?



Get your questions answered by an Expert. Visit


Do a search for "in forma pauperis.”

Visit formapauperis#UnitedStates

 Be Your Own Lawyer because access to justice is your right.

* Search for Pro Se, Pro Se Defense, In Propria Persona, Lawyer and Attorney, Common Law vs. Civil Law

If You’re  A Pro Se Plaintiff, This Manual Is For You


Get started and learn more about how to use legal resources for self-representations.

Visit   and at the top, click on Blog, Podcast, and News for lots of info.


Learn about The Problem: Dishonesty and Corruption in our Legal System, Judiciary, and Government.


* Visit  and also look to the right, in the panel and click “Proposed Legislation. “Click on the Word or PDF File to see the State Legislation proposal and then look below and click on the PDF to see the “Proposed Legislation” for the Congressional Hearings & Legislation proposals that were presented to the United States of Congress.


* Visit  Only The People Can Save America! See NLA’s plan and click on “Weekly Call” and Join the Live Monday Night Open Forum 


* Rod Class is a Private Attorney General. Email him at

to inquire about the courses and weekly gatherings that he has to offer.



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