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About the Author, LaRonda Phox

I live in Kansas City, MO and in 2003. I learned a family member of mine had perpetrated a criminal act of mortgage fraud, against my elderly parents, one year earlier in 2002. Now in 2002, my parents were then 79 and 87 years old respectfully. Both of my parents were suffering from an illness and my father, never learned to read or write. Just 2-days after I learned what happened, my mother was suddenly rushed by an ambulance to the hospital where she remained for 10-days and then died. I was left to pick up and sort out the complex problems created by others who operated out of sheer greed and deception. To this day, I am still trying to make sense of it all and I have been seeking justice in my local community ever since. At the time all of this happened, I knew nothing much about my rights and privileges as an American Citizen. I soon learned, as I approached others around me, that most folks did not know their rights and privilege either.


Since this time, I have learned what the law is by teaching myself what the law says. I soon learned that from the time of our birth in the womb, until the time of our death in the tomb, that we are governed by a Body of Civil Law, with rights pertaining to marriage, education and peaceable assembly; rights pertaining to property ownership and rights to privacy against the State.


The law is written on an 8th grade level, that common folks can understand, if they only apply themselves to the study of the law. I believe that our young people would benefit greatly from a revived civics education in the elementary schools, to be taught by the teachers and volunteers in the community, to reach out to children and teach them about the Constitution of the United States of America, and teach them about the Common and Civil Law-Legal Education and the American Government,

that Governs all of us.


I feel that our public schools should devote more hours towards Civics Education courses directed towards our nation's youth, with a mandatory curriculum relating to American History and the Pre-Declaration period before 1776, as it relates to the curtailment of rights by the British Crown against the colonists of early America.


Our young people need to learn about the History of  Human Rights, Culture Economics, and the struggle of people to attain them in their own lifetime.


I have taken it upon myself to create a helpful guide booklet to basic civil rights that all of us have at our disposal, to protect ourselves against the greater powers that might take advantage of us and who may not always have our best interests at heart.


There is a Strong Urge and Need to Wake Up America and Educate the People at large about their basic civil rights.

Our Constitution is being ignored. We have been losing our rights! It must stop!

If you care about saving your rights & freedom.

See the movie "In Search of Liberty" Visit


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