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             2.      Richard A. Posner, is a former Judge in the U.S. Court Appeals for the 7th circuit, and now a

                      retired senior lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School. He retired early, in 2017 after

                      36 years with reasons, due to "difficulty" over the court's treatment of people who represent   



                      He is the author of numerous books, including Reforming the Federal Judiciary, How Judges                                           Think, Overcoming Law, The Federal Courts: Challenge and Reform and many other books.

            Visit and search for Richard A. Posner

              3.      Represent Yourself in Court" How to prepare & try a winning case * 11th Edition by Attorneys Paul                                   Bergman & Sara Berman

              4.      Paralegal Today-The Legal Team at Work-8th Edition by Roger LeRoy Miller & Mary                                                         Meinzinger Drisko

              5.      Torts and Personal Injury Law-5th Edition-by Cathy J. Okrent

              6.      Introduction to Law and the Legal System * 12th Edition-by Frank August Schubert

              7.       Put the Law On Your Side-by Bertram Hamett (key in the author's name when doing a search for                                     this book). He was a former Judge.

              8.      Guerrilla Discovery-Revision * 19-by Ashley Lipson

              9.       Race, Law and American Society-1607 to Present (Criminology and Justice Studies) 2nd Edition-

                        by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall

             10.      Litigation-8th Edition by Kerley, Hames, Sukys

              11.      We The People-An Introduction To American Politics * 13th Essentials Edition-by Benjamin        


              12.     Cases and Materials on Discovery Practice in the Federal Courts-3rd Edition by Steve                                                      Donweber

              13.      After Conviction: What You Can Do Before A Lawyer Is Appointed by Frederick Martin. Do you  

                        know someone who was "wrongfully convicted" and currently incarcerated in a State prison who's

                        a spouse, child, sibling, friend, or someone you recently met? Would you like to help

                        them help themselves? Now you can! "Order them a copy of   the self-help, instructive book."                                         Visit for more information.



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